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The Medical House offers its clients high quality, top brand medical equipment / mobility products for rental at very competitive prices. We specialize in equipment rentals to meet the needs of our local community and visiting tourists/ guests to Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

The Medical House offers a vast selection of Medical Equipments for rent. Our rentals includes Manual wheelchairs, Power Wheelchairs,  Scooters, Walking aids and more. Delivery services are available to locations anywhere within the Washington D.C, Virginia or Maryland Metro Areas. (Delivery charges may apply.)

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Rental Equipment Price List

 Transport Chair                                             Standard Wheelchair

Transport Chair with Foot Rests                                                      Standard Wheelchair with Foot Rests
Weekly: $55                                                                                              Weekly: $60
Monthly: $125                                                                                           Monthly: $165

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      ExtraWide Standard                                         Reclining Wheelchair

Extra-Wide Wheelchair (20" - 24")                                                    Reclining Wheelchair 
Weekly: $70                                                                                             Weekly: $95 
Monthly: $175                                                                                           Monthly: $205  

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 wchair elevated leg rests                                   wchair elevated leg rests

       Standard Wheelchair                                                                            Extra-Wide Wheelchair (20" - 24")
       with Elevated Leg Rests                                                                      with Elevated Leg Rests
Weekly: $65                                                                                              Weekly: $75                         
       Monthly: $175                                                                                           Monthly: $185

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       SemiElectric Bed                                            Full Electric Bed

Semi Electric Hospital Bed                                                                                Full Electric Hospital Bed
Includes: Side Rails & Mattress                                                                            Includes: Side Rails & Mattress
Weekly: $100                                                                                                          Weekly: $125
Monthly: $275                                                                                                          Monthly: $300   

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Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System                             Overbed Table      
Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System                                               Overbed Table
Weekly: $45                                                                                                             Weekly: $35
Monthy: $130                                                                                                            Monthly: $75

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Trapeze                                      HoyerLift

Trapeze                                                                                                                 Patient Lift (Hoyer Lift)
Weekly: $35                                                                                                           Weekly: $125
Monthly: $110                                                                                                        Monthly: $300

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        2-Position Lift Chair                                          3-Position Lift Chair

                    2-Position Lift Chair                                                                                    3-Position Lift Chair
                    Weekly: $100                                                                                                 Weekly: $125
                    Monthly: $275                                                                                                 Monthly: $300

         Reserve                                                Reserve 


            Infinite Lift Chair
                    Infinite Position Lift Chair
                    Weekly: $150
                    Monthly: $325



      3WheelScooter                                   4WheelScooter

3 Wheel Scooter with Basket                                                  4 Wheel Scooter with Basket                                     
Weekly: $145                                                                                Weekly: $175
Monthly: $275                                                                                Monthly $300

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Power Wheelchair

Power Wheel Chair with Foot Plates
Weekly: $225
Monthly: $450


walker              Walker w/wheels
Walker                                                                                                        Walker with Wheels
Weekly: $15                                                                                                Weekly: $25
Monthly: $35                                                                                                Monthly: $40

Reserve                                                Reserve

 Walker w/Brakes                   Knee Walker

4 Wheel Walker with Seat and Brakes                                                                 Knee Walker
Weekly: N/A                                                                                                              Weekly: $40

Monthly: $85                                                                                                             Monthly: $145

Reserve                                                            Reserve

Rollator                                     3 Wheel Walker
Rollator                                                                                                               3 Wheel Walker with Brakes
Weekly: $45                                                                                                         Weekly: $40
Monthly: $75                                                                                                         Monthly: $65

Reserve                                                Reserve


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