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3-Wheel Full Size Scooters

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The all new Golden Companion midsize three-wheel scooter provides great style with high performance and user-friendly disassembly.  Features include an adjustable LED headlight, new ergonomic control panel design with backlit battery gauge display, mirrors, wraparound Delta tiller and silver hubcaps.  It also has a 360 degree swivel seat, adjustable extra-wide arm pads and a Liquicell comfort equipped seat. The Liquicell seat has... Learn more

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The Ventura DLX 3-Wheel is a versatile scooter that is good looking and feature-rich.  The 3-wheel Ventura DLX has 10" tires for great outdoor performance, but the turning radius of just 53" maintains good maneuverability in smaller spaces too. Interchangeable panels in red and blue are included so you can change the color of your scooter whenever you wish! The Ventura DLX offers an array... Learn more

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The latest updates to the ever-popular Victory line from Pride are here! Pride has re-designed the Victory to accentuate its already great style with some new features to enhance its performance. The new modern tiller brings you the convenience of an additional storage area and built-in cup holders. The tiller improvements also include a handy USB charging port to re-power your cell... Learn more

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Pride’s Revo makes a welcome return to their scooter line-up.  The Revo 2.0 is a true heavy duty travel scooter separating into 4 pieces with a lofty 375 pound weight capacity.  The Revo now features a padded delta tiller for easier gripping for those needing assistance with steering due to hand function challenges.  A front head light on the tiller... Learn more

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Prides Victory 9 mid-sized scooters are so popular because they are well-designed, dependable, and have all the features you need at a great value price! The Victory 9 feels substantial, with a sturdy build, and plenty of foot room. The Victory 9 scooter includes an 18” wide by 17” deep medium back seat (pictured) that swivels 180 degrees, and slides forward... Learn more

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Introducing the first full-time, luxury travel scooter, the Buzzaround LX boasts upgraded and improved features that set it apart from the rest of the Buzzaround Series. Complete with the comfort of a full-size unit and the true portability of a travel scooter, the Buzzaround LX is perfect for almost any situation and comes standard with a massive 375 lbs. weight capacity,... Learn more

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The new Golden Companion full-size three-wheel scooter offers more legroom  and a wider front deck than the Companion Mid-Size scooter. It is three inches longer and has an increased weight capacity of 350 lbs., not to mention an operating range of 16.5 miles. This full-size 3-wheel scooter still has the same great features as the mid-size scooter such as the adjustable... Learn more

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'EX' stands for extreme and the Buzzaround EX 3-Wheel travel scooter by Golden Technologies certainly lives up to its name. The Buzzaround EX is the fastest model of the Buzzaround family and it definitely goes the extra mile. If you need a heavy-duty yet convenient travel scooter, the EX is the way to go. The Buzzaround EX goes up to 5... Learn more

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