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4-Wheel Travel Scooters

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The Phoenix HD 4-wheel travel scooter combines a 350 lb. weight capacity with the take-apart portability of a travel scooter. The four wheel design and anti-tip wheels assist with overall stability for a more secure experience. This scooter also has a height adjustable seat with flip back, adjustable width arms to accommodate varying body types. The seat also helps with portability by... Learn more

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The Spitfire Pro SE is the newest three-wheel scooter from Drive Medical.  The Spitfire Pro SE is an easy to disassemble three-wheel scooter.  The scooter separates into four pieces making it easy to transport in the trunk of your car.  The travel size and turning radius of a three-wheel scooter make this scooter great for use in smaller spaces such... Learn more

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The Go Go Elite Traveller 4 wheel scooter offers easy disassembly, a lightweight frame and the greater stability of four wheels on the ground. Versatile and easy to handle, the heaviest piece weighs only 32.5 lbs for loading in the car. The Elite Traveller 4-Wheel has delta style tiller, and features an additional charging port located up on the tiller for easy... Learn more

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A lightweight, compact scooter with front and rear suspension, the Scout DST 4-Wheel travel scooter by Drive Medical is great for your daily outings as well as inside the house. The Scout DST packs all the great features you would expect in a full-size scooter into a conveniently designed, travel-friendly model. With great standard features like a Delta Tiller for one-hand... Learn more

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Whats not to love? Unique features include 6 sets of interchangeable color panels- change your scooter to match your mood, charging ports on the battery pack AND the tiller for easy charging, and a swivel mount cup holder. You will love the extra-bright LED headlamp, and safety reflectors on the armrests for an extra measure of confidence after dark. A... Learn more

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Pride’s new Jazzy Zero-Turn 4-wheel scooter takes a giant leap forward  in scooter performance! Zero Turn Technology merges the stable ride of a four-wheel scooter with the tight turning radius and superior handling of a three-wheeler. Responsive dual motors and patented CTS suspension offer improved traction and a smooth ride.  The  Jazzy  Zero –Turn has a roomy  45.75” chassis, yet... Learn more

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If you are seeking a sturdy scooter that's light enough for easy transport, look no further. The Go-Go Sport combines take-apart convenience of a travel scooter with the longer frame and roomier feel that so many riders are looking for. Super features include powerful 18 AH batteries for a 14.5 mile max range and a 325 lb. weight capacity. Easy Feather-Touch... Learn more

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Upgrades include a sturdy 300 lb. weight capacity frame, bright LED pathway light for safety. Pride's innovative Comfort-Trac Suspension smooths your ride over everyday obstacles- like uneven thresholds, and cracks in the sidewalk. The CTS springs even lessen the jarring of frequent stops and starts, improving your overall riding experience. Optional Black Pink, Orange or Yellow color panel kits are... Learn more

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The Go-Go Ultra X scooter is a lightweight agile ride that's great for use indoors or outside on smooth level ground. Easy to break down into five separate lightweight sections for transportation and storage with the heaviest piece weighing only 33 lbs.  Equipped with convenient features such as a drop-in battery box, basket and flat-free tires for worry-free transportation. This budget-minded model... Learn more

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