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Overbed Tables

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An overbed table provides a handy surface for any patient-care items or meals. The Medline Overbed Table offers a high-pressure walnut woodgrain laminate top with a resilient T-molding edge that resists chipping, scratching or stains. The automatic overbed table lowers with a touch of a trip lever and locks automatically into position with a spring-loaded mechanism. Features Quiet, easy operation Infinite... Learn more

Shipping Dimensions and Weights
Product Weight: 24 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 24.00 lbs.
Length: 31.00"
Width: 18.00"
Height: 4.00"
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The Low Overbed Table from Drive Medical is made for low beds with a 3.5 inch floor-to-frame clearance.   It swivels easily on its four casters, allowing the patient to maneuver it into the most comfortable position.   The height of the table can also be adjusted by appliying slight upward pressure, providing an additional level of positioning.   Features Designed for use with low beds... Learn more

Shipping Dimensions and Weights
Product Weight: 22 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 22.20 lbs.
Length: 33.00"
Width: 18.50"
Height: 3.00"
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The Multi-Purpose Tilt-Top Split Overbed Table from Drive is convenient and sturdy for ultimate functionality. The walnut, wood grain low-pressure laminate top is mounted over a chrome-plated steel "H" base so you can be confident your table will be stable and secure. This table features one large surface that tilts in either direction for whatever your needs are, and a... Learn more

Base Depth
Base Width
Table Depth
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The Stander Assist-A-Tray makes standing and sitting easy with its ergonomic safety handle and it can be used with a lift chair, couch or standard chair.  It is a multi-use laptop or reading table or TV tray and it even has a cupholder and utensil compartment.  The Assist-A-Tray adjusts in length and height to fit either side of your furniture and it is... Learn more

Overall Height
26” to 32”"
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The Drive Medical Pivot & Tilt Overbed Table is a sturdy and flexible bed table. The mast of the table pivots and can be locked in one of the three positions from flat on the floor to 90 degrees. The pivot feature allows the table top to be positioned closer to individuals in a bed, sitting in a wheelchair, or... Learn more

Shipping Dimensions and Weights
Product Weight: 21 lbs. Shipping Weight: 22.10 lbs. Length: 30.50" Width: 27.50" Height: 5.00"

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