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Vertical Platform Lifts

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About the EPL Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift The EPL Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and provides an accessibility solution for existing structures. This lift can be installed without modifying structures or existing landscaping, and does not require the amount of space that a ramp system does. When working in tight quarters where space... Learn more

Rated Load Capacity
Standard Lift Height
Maximum Lift Height
Lift Speed (FPM)
Arrives Assembled
750 lbs
Optional Drive Systems
Battery Powered Option
Constant Pressure Platform Control
Emergency Stop Platform Control
Alarm Button
24 VDC battery powered unit, and 2.1 roped hydraulic drive
Included, Optional Lighted Button
Drive System
Keyed Platform Control
Call-Send Controls
Optional Call-Send Controls
Platform Type
Belt driven ball screw/90 VDC 1/3 hp motor with brake.
(2) Non-Keyed
Keyed, Wireless
Solid with Non-Skid Coating
Platform Size
Optional Platform Sizes
Platform Configuration
Guard Panel

36" x 60" (34" Usuable)
42"x 54" (34" Usable), 42" x 60" (40" Usable)
Straight-Thru Access
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Highlander Toe Guard’s stationary lower landing walls and gate shield the vertical platform lift inside. As a self-contained VPL, Toe Guard needs only minimal construction and meets ADA standards without requiring a hoistway. It’s ideal for existing sites, where major construction is not an option. Features : 36” x 60” inside clear platform Straight-thru configuration Interlocks prevent gate from opening... Learn more

Lifting Height
Rated Load
Control Circuit
750 lbs
Belt-driven ball screw / 90 VDC, 1/3 hp motor with brake. Optional 24 VDC battery-powered unit
120 VAC 15A grounded circuit 240 VAC Optional
24 VAC (Low Voltage Controls)
Standard Platform

x 60&rdquo
inside clear platform
straight- thru configuration
27" x 68"
Manuel Lowering
10 fpm
Constant pressure paddle switch w/ emergency stop (key switch optional)
ETL Listed 3148125 CSA B44.1/ASME A17.5 - Elevator & Escalator Equipment
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Convenient, easy access is affordable with the Savaria M2lift, vertical platform lift. With a capacity of 750 lb, the M2lift easily accommodates a wheelchair or other mobility equipment. A complete solution, M2lift includes a flush solid gate for the top landing for your safety and code compliance. Durably built with rust-resistant aluminum components, you can count on this lift to... Learn more

Tower Height
Height 40 inches :79.5"
Height 60 Inches : 99.5"
Height 75 Inches :114.5"
Weight Capacity
Height 40 inches :750 lbs
Height 60 Inches : 750 lbs
Height 75 Inches :750 lbs
Unit Weight
Height 40 inches :384 lbs
Height 60 Inches : 376 lbs
Height 75 Inches :415 lbs
Platform Size (L x W)
Height 40 inches :37" x 54"
Height 60 Inches : 37" x 54"
Height 75 Inches :37" x 54"
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About the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift  The PASSPORT Vertical Platform Lift provides almost any area with wheelchair accessibility, all at an affordable price. This compact lift moves only vertically, making it an ideal solution when space does not allow for a wheelchair ramp. Simply wheel the wheelchair onto the platform. The lift will then raise the platform up, so you... Learn more

Platform Length :50.75"
Platform Width:36"
Platform Type :Straight
Max. Lifting Height :52"
Platform Length :59.75"
Platform Width:38"
Platform Type :Turn
Max. Lifting Height :52"
Platform Length :50.75"
Platform Width:36"
Platform Type :Straight
Max. Lifting Height :72"
Platform Length :59.75"
Platform Width:38"
Platform Type :Turn
Max. Lifting Height :72"
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Harmar’s Residential Vertical Platform Lift (RPL) is a safe, smooth and economical solution to the barriers porches, staircases, decks and other elevation changes can create in and around a home. Designed from the ground up to be as cost-efficient as possible, the RPL is priced to be competitive with shorter units but built to accommodate most residential applications with ease.... Learn more

Lifting height
Rated load
Power supply
Control circuit
4'-6' (53” to 77")
600lbs (272 kg)
Belt driven Acme screw / 90 VDC ½ hp motor. Optional 24 VDC battery powered unit
115 VAC – 20 Amp grounded circuit / 220 VAC (optional)
24 VAC (Low Voltage Controls)
36” x 48” with 36” high solid guard panels and automatic folding ramp
50” x 70”
10 fpm
Rocker switch w/emergency stop (key switch optional)
Manual lowering
Safety design standards
Safety Design
Safety features
ASME A18.1, Section 5 – Private Residence Vertical Platform Lifts
CSA B44.1 / ASME 17.5 – Elevator and Escalator Equipment
Safety Pan, Final limit,
Acme safety nut with monitor,
Non-skid surface
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About the Ram Trus-T-Lift 750 The Trus-T-Lift 750 by RAM was designed to instantly improve the accessibility of your home or business. Created for indoor or outdoor use, this vertical platform lift boasts an impressive weight capacity of 750 pounds., making it able to lift a power scooter or wheelchair with ease. Perhaps even more impressive is its ability to... Learn more

Lifting height (landing-to-landing)
PL52SP3651 :52"
PL72TP3860 :52"
PL72SP3651 :72"
PL72TP3860 :72"
Weight Capacity
PL52SP3651 :750 lbs
PL72TP3860 :750 lbs
PL72SP3651 :750 lbs
PL72TP3860 :750 lbs
Unit Weight
PL52SP3651 :384 lbs
PL72TP3860 :376 lbs
PL72SP3651 :415 lbs
PL72TP3860 :407 lbs
Platform Size (L x W)
PL52SP3651 :50.74" x 36"
PL72TP3860 :59.75" x 38"
PL72SP3651 :50.75" x 36"
PL72TP3860 :59.75" x 38"

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