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Gen2 Air Walking Boot

Gen 2 Walking Boot, designed by Ovation Medical, is an innovative pneumatic walker specifically engineered to secure and protect an injury on a person's lower extremity. Influenced by the pursuit of impeccable function and anatomical rigor, the dynamic construction offers an unsurpassed degree of convenience and efficiency.

Featuring an ergonomic pump and single push-button to release air, the Gen 2 Walking Boot antiquates the twist valve and inflation bulb method found on a conventional pneumatic walker. In fact, the user-friendly pump contours each individual's unique anatomy to remove the physical force and soreness on the tibia.

Most of the innovation, however, solely lies in the design of the sole. Unlike other pneumatic walkers, Ovation Medical fashions the Gen 2 Walking Boot with refinement and to reflect user-anatomy. The intuitive sole quickly acclimates to a patient's unique stride, which results in an exceptionally fluid and effective gait pattern.

To reinforce this pneumatic walker, the Gen 2 Walking Boot features a low profile design that practically removes leg length discrepancy. By eliminating the inconsistency, patients no longer need to endure the hardship and pain of high profile walking boots. To further assist with this process, the Ovation Medical walking boot introduces a revolutionary design: shock absorption. Upon heel strike, this walking boot reduces the shock absorption to the injured extremity by fifty percent.

In addition to significantly reducing shock absorption, the Gen 2 Walking Boot offers a stable resting surface. Most medical providers instruct their patients to elevate the injured extremity. With the sole's grip, exclusive to this model, it offers unparalleled stability and hinders the extremity from sliding while elevated, making it easier to comply with your doctors recommendations. The Ovation Medical walking boot, with each unique feature, is intelligently simple and makes sense.

The Gen 2 Walking Boot, with every detail being polished, is exceptionally lightweight, yet remarkably sturdy and dependable. Ovation Medical constructs this medical walking boot with engineering grade composite material. Each boot, additionally, is fashioned to comfortably adapt to the vast variety of patient anatomies, including shapes and sizes.

Elevate to the next generation of pneumatic walkers. To effectively prevent further injury and expedite the healing process, order the most innovative boot that delivers superior results today!


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